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  • Radio 4G e Paolo Novelli
  • Radio 4G
  • Radio 4G e Paolo Novelli

Italy goes back to producing radios, as it always used to with the creation of leading brands that made Italian radio history. This time it’s a smart radio, a unique and pioneering product of technological innovation: Radionovelli Radio 4G.
Thanks to the idea developed and patented by Paolo Novelli, technology expert and radio enthusiast, production has begun on a high quality device of technological excellence, 100% Italian, in partnership with NS12 Spa, software and hardware developer. Radio 4G is a stunning vintage-design radio with functions and applications that bring the future within the reach of everyone.

Radio 4G

La Radio 4G

In addition to the usual reception and reproduction of signals on AM/FM and DAB+, it uses mobile Internet connection for listening and viewing audio and video content found on the web, making full use of the potential of the Android® operating system that we are used to on our smartphones and tablets. With a 6″ integrated touchscreen and a 5 megapixel webcam, you can use applications such as Spotify, YouTube, Skype, browse the Web, reproduce multimedia content on optical and digital supports, even using voice control.
The radio uses Internet connection via 4G SIM card, supplied by your mobile service provider, for total portability of your Radio RDN 4G. The radio can also be hooked up to the Internet via wireless connection or with a standard LAN RJ 45 cable. Even with all the various methods of internet connection, temporary interruptions are still possible: in this case, the useful Non Stop Music function guarantees a full 20 minutes of buffering to keep listeining even without a signal.

With its innovative CROSS-MEDIA functions, the radio allows you to interface the FM/AM and DAB+ radiophonic infrastructure with the web infrastructure and vice-versa, for guaranteed unprecedented entertainment.

In particular, the radio features “Artist Mode”, which adds a voice command to search and access online content (from your music provider) of the chosen artist or author, music track, audiobook, podcast etc. This allows you to use voice command to listen to or view any content found on the Internet; or, whilst listening to a specific track on the radio, you can use voice command to request more content from the same artist.
Obviously, the listening experience was of utmost importance in our design: the crystal clear and powerful (50 watt) audio reaches a maximum of 102 dB. Maximum portability is guaranteed by a practical handle.

“Radio RDN 4G is destined to revolutionize radiophonics as we have known it up to now,” claims Paolo Novelli. “Its high performance and versatility, as well as being highly valued by the biggest technology enthusiasts, make it useful for those who are not regular internet users or digital natives.”
In Italy, 16% of the population has never used the Internet, around 9.5 million people, whereas there are 35 million radio listeners (2015 GFK RadioMonitor data). Therefore, those who don’t use the Internet but do listen to the radio represent a hitherto unexplored target group.

Radio4G technical specifications


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