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Partner: Gracenote

Connecting You With Entertainment You Love

Gracenote is the world’s leading entertainment data and technology company. We power the top music services, consumer electronics companies, automakers, media companies and cable and satellite operators on the planet. At its core, Gracenote helps connect people with the entertainment they love most.

Where We Play

We touch the lives of hundreds of millions of people everyday through big names like Apple, Hathway, Eurosport and Tesla, as well as some of the hottest new startups. Our data and technology helps fans discover new bands to fall in love with, find TV shows and characters to cheer for and hate, and jam to the most epic playlists on the open road.

Gracenote, A Nielsen Company

Nielsen has spent more than 90 years measuring, analyzing and understanding what viewers watch, listen to and buy. Their data underpins nearly every aspect of the media landscape and is considered the gold standard in understanding consumer behavior. As a Nielsen company, Gracenote will be able to provide clients with deeper insights on consumer behavior and offer an unprecedented view of audience engagement from discovery to consumption.

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